About us

Who we are

Orthopinion GmbH is an orthopedic second opinion platform that works independently and at the highest medical level.

What we offer

Fast, highly professional, independent review of your initial diagnosis, as well as treatment recommendations at any time and from any place
– Doctors who are up to date in their respective specialty and at the best international level
– Saving costs and time when obtaining a second opinion
(You do not need to make a new appointment with a specialist, just send us your documents by upload or by post)
– Avoid unnecessary operations and possible misdiagnoses
– Clear, understandable diagnoses and answers within a few days

What is important to us

Your mobility is important to us!
Your mobility may be impaired due to accidents, illnesses or signs of aging.

If this happens, you have the opportunity and the right to the best possible treatment method!

Therefore, question upcoming treatments and get a second opinion from independent, highly qualified specialists in the respective orthopedic area – especially if there is an operation in the room!

Because surgical interventions on the musculoskeletal system have an impact on your future mobility. Before a surgical intervention is carried out, all conservative therapy options should be weighed and exhausted.

Our goal is to support you and give you access to outstanding, trustworthy doctors in the orthopedic field.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

What is an orthopedic second opinion?

An orthopedic second opinion means an additional, medical assessment of the respective case by a second doctor in the orthopedic field.
This second opinion does not replace personal contact with a doctor, but supplements it.

What documents are required for a second orthopedic opinion on our platform?

Please send us up-to-date MRI and / or X-rays with the corresponding findings online by upload or by post. If we need further documents, we will contact you.

How do I get the written report regarding The X-ray and / or MRI images from the first examining doctor?

Every doctor is obliged to provide you with your medical records and X-rays or MRI images. If you do not have them, you can simply request your originals or copies.

Will the costs of the orthopedic second opinion be covered by my health or accident insurance?

In most cases, the costs are covered by your private health or accident insurance.
To be on the safe side, please contact your insurance company